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We provide seasonal maintenance plans to keep your air conditioning system functioning smoothly. For your air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins to perform successfully and efficiently over the years, they must be cleaned on a regular basis. Neglecting basic maintenance results in a continuous reduction in air conditioning performance while increasing energy consumption.

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Dirt, dust, debris, and other pollutants can accumulate on the coil surfaces due to the close spacing between the coil fins, surface moisture from the cooling process, and the volume of air that travels across them. This accumulation limits the system’s ability to transport heat into and out of the home over time, diminishing your system’s ability to offer summer cooling. In more extreme circumstances, filthy coils can also impede or restrict airflow, which is critical to the entire process. As a result of the lost energy efficiency, you may have a less pleasant house and higher utility expenses. Worse, filthy coils cause the system to work harder than it should, resulting in shorter system life and potentially costly repair expenditures. Simply put, the cleaner the air conditioning coil, the more efficient the system will be.

Dirty coils might cause higher running temperatures. Excessive dirt and debris buildup can put unnecessary strain on the system, requiring fans and compressors to work harder and at higher operating temperatures to provide the appropriate indoor comfort.

It may also result in decreased comfort. As a natural part of the cooling process, your air conditioning system removes undesirable and uncomfortable humidity from your home. Dirty coils can affect overall system efficacy, resulting in increased humidity and decreased overall comfort.

A clogged evaporator coil frequently causes the compressor to run at high temperatures, putting strain on the entire system. Because the compressor is one of the most expensive replacement parts in an air conditioning system, safeguarding it might help you prevent costly repairs.

Cleaning is not done in the same way by every HVAC provider. Everyone has their own methods and routines.

Among the things we do are:

  • Ensure that the fan blades, shaft, and motor are clean and lubricated.
  • Surface dirt should be brushed.
  • Clean the trapped filth using a biodegradable foaming cleaner.
  • Using a “fin comb,” to clean the fins.

The majority of evaporator and condenser coils are made of copper tubing that is threaded through aluminium strips. The coils are responsible for transferring energy into and out of the residence. They are quite important in the cooling process. The cleanliness of coils ensures the long-term health and life of your A/C system. While browsing the internet may leave some feeling confident enough to take on this task on their own, we strongly advise that when it comes to coil cleaning of your system, you call Webster Air Duct Cleaning Pros and leave it to the pros. Give us a call today to get free estimates on AC coil cleaning services.

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